Rather it's Utilities, Renewables, Alternatives or Oil and Gas, we have our hand on the pulse of the fluid dynamic energy environment. By making it our mission to employ professionals with the education and experience necessary to maximize your project our goal is always rooted in providing satisfactory results.


GWS list of services are designed to provide a security blanket over a multitude of your needs.

  • Insurance
  • Wealth/Investment Services
  • Investment Banking
  • Capital Markets


The IT industry is continuously evolving making the ever increasing demand for new technologies and applications reoccurring themes. GWS provide a pipeline of dynamic professionals with experience and ability to adapt in fast pace environments relative to IT services. These IT services include but are not limited to Software, Digital content and Hardware!


We provide our Healthcare clients with assistance that provide them with better tools to achieve business targets more efficiently in cost and time through Staff Augmentation.


With the constant carousel of new technologies being introduced to cover Customer demands, the Communication industry is always one step ahead by providing the necessary tools to succeed. As previously mentioned, this is done by providing a endless source of highly skilled and experienced personnel. GWS supplies the right workforce for the right opportunity to meet these vital demands with ease.

Cyber Security

Above all, we are dedicated to the importance of hiring and maintaining intelligent Cyber Security personnel who are trustworthy. We offer both contract and permanent Cyber Security talent to serve your purpose and meet your requirements. Analyzing threats, strategy development and implementation in order to properly manage and improve on chosen business directions.